Does God want us to have fun?

Sure, God wants us to take time to rest, but should we also take time to play? Or should our Sabbath be serious?

These are the questions that fueled this study. Pulling from Old and New Testament, While on Vacation is an attempt to capture God’s perspective on having fun. It’s a devotional; it’s vacation journal; but it’s also a theology of play. 

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Our FIrst Year Together

A 12-month journal for you and Your New Born

With everything that's happening in your little one, just as much is happening in you. You are growing into the parent you will become, whether it's your first or seventh. We've created this journal and devotional as a way to not only track your progress through the first year, but as a way to help you remember that your ultimate job as a parent is in the faith development of your child. And that while you child is learning to crawl and barely speaking audible words, God's Spirit is at work in their life and in yours. 

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Resources for Spiritual Growth

  • Bookmarks

    A small group study guide that works through the entire Old Testament in just five weeks by focusing on the overarching story of God through five "bookmarks": the promise, the exodus, the kingdom, the exile, and the return. This is a great way to capture the heart of the Old Testament with a fresh vision, whether you're new to the Old Testament or you've been studying it for years. 


  • Red, Yellow, Green

    We all have a story to tell. learning how (and when) to tell our story might be the only way to learn how to live a better one. Red, Yellow, Green offers a new way at looking at our stories. 

    Without jumping to easy answers, Red, Yellow, Green will lead you into the depths of your story in a way that will help you connect with God and others in new and profound ways. 


  • While on Vacation

    We often turn to God when we need something. We cry out to God when we're in pain and we experience God's presence when we humble ourselves before God. As such, we often feel closest to God when things aren't going well. Does that mean God doesn't want us to be close to Him when we're having fun? Of course not This Devotional + Journal is designed to help you stay in love with God even when you're having fun. 

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