Devotional + Journals

In a world of smart phones, smart watches, lightening fast computers, and convenient tablets there's been a growing push toward tactile interaction. Simply put, sometimes it's just nice to pull out a piece of paper and write. Our Devotional + Journals are designed with this desire in mind. Each one includes thought provoking devotionals and minimalistic journal design. 

  • Our First Year Together

    A 12-Month Devotional For You and Your Newborn

    A lot happens in the first year of a newborn. This Devotional + Journal is deigned to walk you through 12 different birth stories in the Bible as way of connecting your story with the one that's been told in God's Word. 

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  • While on Vacation

    A Guilt-Free Guide to Staying in Love with God while on Vacation

    We often turn to God when we need something. We cry out to God when we're in pain and we experience God's presence when we humble ourselves before God. As such, we often feel closest to God when things aren't going well. Does that mean God doesn't want us to be close to Him when we're having fun? Of course not This Devotional + Journal is designed to help you stay in love with God even when you're having fun. 

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