The first year with a new born is a year filled with joys, confusion, sleepless nights, doubts, fears, and love. A lot happens in the first year, and we want you to be able to remember every moment of it. 

With everything that's happening in your little one, just as much is happening in you. You are growing into the parent you will become, whether it's your first or seventh. We've created this journal and devotional as a way to not only track your progress through the first year, but as a way to help you remember that your ultimate job as a parent is in the faith development of your child. And that while your child is learning to crawl and barely speaking audible words, God's Spirit is at work in their life and in yours. 

Divided into twelve sections, you can read a devotional once a month, on the day of your child's birthday. Each reading and devotion reflects on one of the many birth stories found in the scriptures.

As you celebrate your first year together, we hope that scripture meets you in these moments and that you see the connecting threads between your experiences and what God has shared with us in His word. If nothing else, consider this: the most significant leaders and characters in the bible—even Jesus—each began their stories as babies. Our hope is that the same can be said of your little one. 

ISBN Complete: 978-0-692-68971-4

Publication Date: 4/8/2016

Book Type: Standard Color 6 x 9 in

Cover: Hardback, Case Laminate, Matte

Page Count: 134

Devotions: 13 devotions based on 13 different biblical birth narratives. 1 is for before your child is born, and the other 12 are for each month of the first year.

Memory Book: 16 activites to catalog your journey plus room for monthly check-ins

Journal: 33 lined pages for journaling

TheologyNondenominational, Wesleyan, Methodist

Profit: 100% of the profits of this devotion goes toward future new churches.

About the author

Joe and Allyssa have been in ministry together since 2011. After three and a half years serving in Defiance, Oh, Joe and Allyssa moved to Athens to serve alongside Paul Risler at Central Avenue Church. While there, they learned the ins and outs of being a leader in a church that loves it’s community and is able to successfully connect with families, young adults, and students. They are passionate about seeing new people’s lives be transformed through the power of God. For fun, they write and watch TV.

I still remember the papier-mâché G.I. Joe fort my dad gave me for Christmas when I was child. Since then, every Christmas, we exchange all kinds of homemade gifts. It’s been such a long tradition in our family that when Allyssa and I drew the names of my brother and his wife in my family’s secret Santa, I knew we needed to make something special for them.

As it turns out, Brie was pregnant at the time with their son Gedeon. He was expected to be born near Christmas, and so logically many of our gifts centered around the anticipation of his birth. We bought a few things from their registry, but we wanted to make something for them that was original. After talking with a few other mothers, we realized that everyone wished they had written and reflected more during their first year together, but never had the time. This predicament set me on a journey of designing a journal that would be useful, simple, beautiful, and yet doable. 

I had long been fascinated with the number of birth stories found in the scriptures. It seems like so many of the important stories in scripture begin in the womb. As such, I thought to myself: what if we grabbed all the birth narratives we could find in the Bible, and we came up with some kind of devotional for John and Brie’s first year together with their little one?

The idea took off from there, and it wasn’t long after we started piecing this together that we realized we were onto something special.

I’m happy to let you know that Brie and John opened an early version of this book on Christmas morning and Brie nearly burst into tears. 

While this was originally written with our family in mind, we always hoped to be able to share it with others. We hope that you can encounter these thoughts as if they were written with you in mind–a personal reflection for a beautiful season of your life together.

From our family to yours,

Joe and Allyssa Graves