Red, Yellow, Green

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Everyone loves a good story. It can capture our hearts, terrify, inspire, or transform. Story has great power. 

Did you know that you have a story to tell?

I bet you did. 

But did you know that your story might have depths you never knew about?

It does. 

Without jumping to easy answers, Red, Yellow, Green will lead you into the depths of your story in a way that will help you connect with God and others in new and profound ways. We do this by starting with our red stories, the deep dark pains and secrets we carry with us. And then we work through our yellow stories, those things we share with others, but with caution. Finally, we end with our green stories: the version of our story that is able and willing to be shared with the world. 

Uncovering your story isn't easy, but it's definitely worth it.