We love stories, in all forms, because stories have the ability to impact people in significant ways. Here at Color Canvas, we create resources rooted in the principles of good storytelling and vivid creativity with the hope that they might equip the church to change lives. But our story isn't done with the sold of resources.  To finish it off, we turn around and use the net profits to invest in each author's choice of ministries.

Pass it forward

We create media to support the mission, and our mission is to make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. With each author, we allow them to choose a ministry they are passionate about that is working to accomplish this mission. You can check out our authors and the ministries they support on our team page.


How do you determine what non-profit's you support?

While our authors choose the non-profit their book supports, we do require that it meets two requirements. First, it must be a certified, tax-exempt non-profit that is in good standing with the community. Second, it must help accomplish the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This covers a broad range of Christian and non-Christian non-profits, churches, agencies, and ministries. The author is required to articulate why they think their ministry of support is accomplishing the mission. 

What is considered "net profit"?

Profit includes all monies from the sale of books, above and beyond the cost of editing, printing, promoting, and maintaining. Time spent by the author writing and editing the book is often donated toward the cause, but might vary depending on the project.

Can our non-profit be considered for this program?

We do not accept requests from non-profits. Each author picks a non-profit and articulates why it is in line with the mission.